I'm Karim Boudjema or KarimB in most places online. I’m a Belgian Drupal developer living in Montréal - Canada.

I'm working as Senior Backend Developer, Team Lead and Drupal Trainer at Symetris.

When I discovered Drupal 4.7 back in 2008 (yes, 10 years ago), I realized that it
would be a game changing technology in the digital world. And it was! But Drupal has not only changed our ability to build incredible digital experiences, it has also changed my life and the way I do my work on a day to day basis. It has allowed me to become part of the larger global Drupal community, which has been an incredible personal and professional experience.

Karim Boudjema

Most of my work has been focused on the media industry, I’ve developed large Drupal websites such as major newspapers sites or marketplaces with hundreds of thousands of nodes and millions of visitors each month. My background in business also allows me to work closely with my clients to advise them on how they can use Drupal to achieve their business transformation goals and architect open source solutions that are intuitive, robust, and efficient.

I'm also an attentive university professor with excellent communication and pedagogic skills. That's why I use effective and efficient methods of teaching Drupal for beginners and advanced users, and I really love it!

Finally, as a Drupal Evangelist, I co-organized several DrupalCamps in South America like Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Panama. I co-founded the Drupal Community in Bolivia.

What do I do with Drupal?

  • Newspaper web sites
  • Apache Solr for faceted search and views backend
  • Memcache and Varnish integration
  • Multilingual sites
  • Drupal Commerce sites
  • Custom Drupal modules
  • Drupal training for beginners, intermediates or advanced users

What do I love?

  • My wife and my two kids who support me in this journey
  • The Drupal Community
  • Teaching and evangelize Drupal
  • Traveling
  • Listening to jazz, heavy metal and French pop songs (What a mix!!!)
  • Hiking in the surrounding Andean mountains
  • Developing NGO Drupal websites on a a pro-bono basis to support causes I value

Please read my blog, view my resume, or get in touch.